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Splash Guard

Splash Guard

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Made from UV-resistant EVA, the NSP Splash Guard makes sure oncoming waves are deflected sideways instead of filing up your cockpit in rough conditions.

Designed with EVA cutouts, you can adapt the shape of your NSP Splash Guard to any recessed deck in the NSP racing line-up. 


The NSP Splash Guard bonds to your race board with a layer of Velcro. The Velcro is bonded to your Splash Guard with high-quality 3M adhesive, making sure your Splash Guard performs for years to come.

In addition to the Splash Guard, each package contains two velcro pads to enable easy board switching. Additional boards can be equipped with the Splash Guard by simply adding another velcro base sticker.




  • Constructed from tough, high-density EVA
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Designed for universal fit – cutouts allow mounting to any recessed NSP board
  • A velcro base allows quick removal and reinstallation
  • Its 45-degree angle deflects more water from the deck and dugout
  • 3M adhesive for the best possible bond to your boards
  • Also acts as a cushion when stacking your boards
  • Mounts easily and securely
  • Designed by Titouan Puyo and Alain Teurquetil


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