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Pit Cruiser

Pit Cruiser

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Pit Cruisers are the culmination of 45 years of designing, shaping, and building boards by Carl Schaper.

Created on the North Shore, and tested in various contests by Team Riders, Pit Cruisers are well-balanced shortboards that excel in the most demanding of conditions. Available in seven sizes ranging from 5’6″ to 6’5″, a Pit Cruiser is built for shoulder-high to triple-overhead.

PU construction
Traditionally shaped polyurethane (PU) adds some weight for more hold in hollow waves, and a more composed riding character.

The Pit Cruiser is essentially a larger version of the Slot Machine, with additional width and volume but carefully avoiding those “tennis ball rails”. An elegant rail profile with a squashed tail allows you to unload on the rail, taking a good hack off the top

Fin setups
Available with FTU fin boxes and compatible with Futures® Fins (fins not included), Pit Cruisers are pure thrusters.


Pit Cruiser size chart






5'6" 19" 2 ¹/⁴" 25.2 L 2.64kg
5'8" 19 ¹/²" 2 ³/⁸" 28.2 L 2.87kg
5'10" 20" 2 ¹/²" 31.2 L 3.11kg
6'0" 20 ¹/⁴" 2 ⁵/⁸" 34.2 L 3.33kg
6'1" 20 ³/⁸" 2 ³/⁴" 36.4 L 3.49kg
6'2" 20 ¹/²" 2 ⁷/⁸" 38.9 L 3.66kg
6'5" 21" 3" 43.2 L 4.00kg



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