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SUP/Wing Foil Pro

SUP/Wing Foil Pro

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The SUP Foil Pro is our dedicated SUP and Wing foil board
This new generation of SUP-Wing foiling boards takes engineering cues from the latest Americaʼs Cup foiling boats. By adapting key concepts to the specific shape requirements of SUP foiling, we greatly improved bottom-end sub-foiling performance, getting you up and foiling early with minimal effort.

Compared to the last generation of foil boards that often featured flat-bottom hulls, the improved shapes of the SUP Foil Pro, in SLX Carbon construction bring a totally new experience for intermediate-to-expert foilers with the most pronounced stringer line for increased directional momentum.


  • Enough buoyancy and stability to stay comfortable when you are not on the foil.
  • Early planning shape and efficient tail exit require minimal effort to lift up and fly. It provides better sub-foiling bottom-end efficiency for paddling and wingfoiling.
  • Directional efficiency when you are off the foil, so all applied forces (whether it is a paddle stroke or a kite pump) are converted into forwarding movement.
  • The forward board shape is developed to avoid any sticking effect when touching the water surface, allowing the board to rebound instantly to flying mode.
  • The volume distribution is designed to reduce the swing weight of the board when you are on the foil. This allows quicker turns and gibe moves.
  • Thermoformed EVA deck pad with pronounced kick tail and side wedges.
  • Twin track foil tuning guide.
  • Multi-positioning foot strap inserts mid-deck and tail.
  • SLX Carbon Construction


SUP/Wing Foil Pro size chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
5'6" 24" 5" 86.6 L 5.71kg
5'10" 25" 5 ¹/⁸" 96.0 L 6.21kg
6'2" 25" 5 ¹/⁸" 101.0 L 6.38kg
6'6" 27" 5" 112.0 L 6.87kg
6'10" 28" 4 ⁷/⁸" 125.0 L 7.43kg
7'2" 29" 4 ¹⁵/¹⁶" 136.8 L 7.69kg


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