At NSP we respect the environment and the world we play in. We are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative technologies to reduce the negative impact on our planet as we build surf, foil and SUP boards.

We try to adhere to the basic principle that every product produced must have some form of environmentally sustainable component; whether it’s our CocoFlax technology, EPS core, recycled traction pads, bio-friendly resins, and our packaging.

NSP has always wanted to create a greener product packaging, eliminating the plastic and other harmful side products that have little to do with water sports. We joined Cobra International to find a solution that not only protects your board from dust, debris and scratches during transport, but also degrades once you unpack your product and dispose of the packaging materials. Take that landfills!

Areas were we have implemented sustainable practices:


- Award Winning Cocoflax Technology = SUSTAINABILITY

- Repurposed EVA Traction pads = SUSTAINABILITY

- Bio-based resin = SUSTAINABILITY

- Bio-degradable packaging = SUSTAINABILITY

Surfing has been around for hundreds of years and we want to see it for another couple thousand.