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Fireball Wing

Fireball Wing

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The NSP Fireball is the result of months of design, development, and testing by the development team. The new design offers a lightweight and rigid structure that delivers smooth and instant power that is stable under all conditions. Ride a Fireball for freeride cruising, wave riding, big air boosting and aerial antics, downwinders or go hard on a parking lot with a skateboard under your feet, or a snowboard if you’re hitting the slopes.

Dynamic dyhedral and lighter weight

The redesigned Leading Edge and Strut create a dynamic dihedral shape that promotes stability and accessible power in all conditions. Double reinforcements in the Leading Edge translate to a more rigid wing structure and less flex. The new Fireball wings are lighter and more maneuverable than their predecessor, delivering a solid and balanced feeling. Power is readily available even in lightwind conditions, thanks to the added rigidity. The Leading Edge stitching is relocated to minimize turbulence and to protect the rider and its seams are now covered.

  • Performs on land, snow, and water
  • Durability by additional patching
  • Lightweight and simple to set up
  • Stable in all conditions


Refined and redesigned

Balancing comfort with performance, the redesigned Strut improves riding ergonomics, allowing you to ride longer with more control. Additional protection makes the Fireball more durable and suitable for land and snow as well. Windows on either side of the strut help riders keep an overview and improve safety.
Note: Despite reinforced wing tips we recommend keeping your Fireball wing off the ground at all times.

Wing size chart

Surface Wing Span Chord Strut Handles
2.7m² 239 cm 149 cm 1+3
3.3m² 264 cm 164 cm 1+3
4m² 291 cm 181 cm 1+3
5m² 325 cm 202 cm 1+3
6m² 347 cm 227 cm 1+3
7.2m² 368 cm 258 cm 1+3


Shape details

  • Optimized handles for improved control: new handle design and orientation allow riders to make subtle adjustments to their hand positioning, to get the most power from their wing.
  • Easy bladder access points on the leading edge and wing tips.
  • Harness loops on the strut just in case you want to use the wing with a kite harness.
  • Premium Leading Edge handles for neutral wave rides or depowering your Fireball.
  • SUP valve for quick rigging up. NSP wings can be pumped up with any standard SUP pump.
  • Double-reinforced leading edge for added rigidity
  • Added reinforcements between the strut and the leading edge
  • Kevlar, PVC, and TPU abrasion protection along the Leading Edge protects the wing from wear and tear when making contact.
  • Extra tight trailing edge minimizes leach flutter. Added batons add stability.

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