Product Care and Repair

Every now and then you'll get a scratch or ding on your board. We know this can be upsetting, but have no worries, there are ways to fix these. 

There are a lot of how to fix a ding tutorials online, however, NSP recommends you take the product to a professional repair shop for major dings and punctures.

After your repair If you need to match the paint, you can find all the NSP pantone colors online.

For general maintenance of your products, we recommend the following:

1. Rinse off your board, paddle, foil and all accessories after every use, use mild soap and water only.

2. Thoroughly dry your board before storing (do not store your board in a board bag when still wet or damp) to avoid moisture build up that can lead to mold.

3. Deflate your inflatable board below 10psi to avoid expanding during hot temperatures and extended exposure in direct sunlight

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our customer service representatives and they can lead you in the right direction for your needed repairs. 855-676-4760 (9-4:30pm PST)