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Ninja Pro Carbon

Ninja Pro Carbon

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NSP Ninja is a predominately flat-water board that excels in chop and small bumps.

A predominantly flat-water weapon that excels in chop and small bumps. The Ninjas are all about efficiency, saving the energy riders need for longer runs.

12.6" Pro Carbon
This model comes in additional junior sizes compared to its previous version, and the Junior Pro Models come as flat-deck only:

If you are looking to buy a 12'6 x 20" or 12'6 x 22", get in touch here to discuss delivery times please.

Ninja Pro Carbon design
Originally a flat-water racer designed to cope with a disruptive chop, the Ninja has evolved into a flat-water board that can handle (mild) sea conditions. Nose diving is minimized by an increase in volume and straight outlines for better flow. The improved cockpit design keeps out more water – a reinforced and heightened rail lip shields the cockpit from more splash water and the reduced length of the recessed area collects less water in buoy turns.

A subtle shift of the four AVS pods (Accelerator Vacuum System) towards the rocker increases the AVS performance of the new Ninja and the recessed area now drains more effectively as well.

A lower center of gravity helps stability, allowing the design team to reduce the width of the 21” model, creating a Ninja with a width of just 20”. The NSP Ninja gives paddlers an incredibly fast flatwater weapon, but the best part is that the Ninja works in water with textured conditions as well. The increasing demands of flatwater racers, looking to race even narrower shapes, made us design the Ninja in 21” up to widths of 24” as well.

The 24″ wide Ninja, contrary to the other sizes, features a single center handle while 20", 21" and 22" feature 1+1 Race handles.


  • Recessed deck for a low center of gravity, adding stability.
  • Wider tail for high-performance and stable buoy turns without collecting wash. • Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) for quick water drain from the dugout standing area.
  • A full-length nose keeps the entire board in the water, creating speed and consistency.

The NSP 22 and 24 racing fins are designed to deliver top performance: expect excellent
tracking, stability, efficiency, speed, and easy acceleration. The 20″, 21″, and 22″ come with the NSP 22 Race fin, while the 24″ comes with the NSP 24 Race fin.


Ninja Pro Carbon size chart





Est Weight

12’6” 20" Recessed deck 241 L TBC
12’6” 22" Recessed deck 247 L TBC
14’0” 20" Recessed deck 256 L 11.34kg
14’0” 21" Recessed deck 271 L 11.54kg
14’0” 22" Recessed deck 271 L 11.98kg
14’0” 23" Recessed deck 271 L 12.17kg
14’0” 24" Recessed deck 271 L 12.47kg


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