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Butter Knife

Butter Knife

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Butter Knife is a Carl Schaper creation.

Best known for his longboards, North Shore's Carl Schaper created this shape as the pinnacle of his mini-tank designs.

The Butter Knife in CSE construction with its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers, and well-thought-out volumes is a winner across the board. Suitable for all abilities, surfers get to ride these as single fins in smaller conditions and discover their nose-riding potential.

Fin setups
When it gets a bit punchier, just slip in the side bites and you have a perfect board for just about all conditions. As a thruster, a Butter Knife is balanced and predictable. Pop in a quad setup and use a bucketload of speed and increased bite to your advantage.


Butter Knife size chart






8'0" 21 ³/⁴" 2 ³/⁴" 55 L 4.46kg
8'6" 22" 3" 64.5 L 4.97kg


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