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Performance Single Fins

Performance Single Fins

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Honeycomb performance single fins
Fins for high-performance surfing in all conditions - these NSP Single fin performance fins feature a honeycomb pattern and glass fiber build for high-performance surfing in all conditions at an attractive price point.

Available in three sizes these are perfect for riders looking to squeeze the last drop of hold from their setup. Suitable for Surf and SUP, these fins accommodate single fin boards and 2+1 setups.
Washer and screw included.

Which size is for my board?

It is best to size your fin relative to your board size. A generally accepted rule of thumb is to use the same size fin (in inches) as the length of your board (in feet) so for a 9ft board, you would use a 9" single fin, assuming it's a 2+1.

If you are riding your board as a single fin and you want a little extra control, adding an inch won't hurt. So pick a 9" fin for that 8-foot single fin longboard.


Performance Center Fins size chart

Length/ Position




8" Center 223mm 208mm 139mm
9" Center 238mm 233mm 143.5mm
10" Center 244.5mm 254mm 157mm
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