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The ultimate combination of strength, stretch and elasticity. Our leashes come in two colours, several diameters ideal for the task at hand and will work in every condition!

  • High-quality urethane
  • 7mm TPU for 6' and 8'
  • 9mm TPU for 9' and 10'
  • Double stainless steel swivels
  • Double-layer neoprene ankle strap
  • Integrated key pocket
  • Quick release strap
  • Rail saver
  • 10' 9mm fits calf and ankle


What length should I buy?

The general rule is to go as long as your board length. Choosing your surfboard leash means checking the length of your board and choosing the same length (or slightly longer if your board is in between sizes).

For example, if your surfboard is a 6', order a 6' leash.
If you need a leash for your 6'6" surfboard, order the 7' leash.

Surf Leash Size Chart
Length Diameter
9' 9mm
10' 9mm
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