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Airwave Modular 70 Set

Airwave Modular 70 Set

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Bypass the conventional Airwave sets and pick a specific front wing in combination with the rear wing of your choice. By choosing a  perfect setup for your type of foiling and local conditions, you don’t end up with parts that you wouldn’t normally put to good use.

Airwave Modular contents

  • Mounting plate 1x
  • RW Tuning shims 3x
  • M8 x 30 Screws 2x
  • RW M6 x 18 Screw 3x
  • M8 x 30 bolts 4x
  • M6 x 45 Mast Screws 6x
  • T30 Torx Allen Key 1x
  • T40 Torx Allen Key 1x
  • Airwave 70 Mast 1x
  • Airwave 70 Fuselage 1x

A flexible platform

The Airwave Modular 70 package bag will accommodate different length fuselages and the standard 70m sets. Foilers who own one or more boards with the Tuttle box system will be pleased to learn that NSP offers a tuttle box adapter that will also fit in the package, giving your quiver the best possible protection when outside of the water.

The NSP Airwave Modular 70 set contains a Mounting Plate, Fuselage 70, Mast 70, and all the necessary screws, shims, and tools to attach every available NSP Front- and Rear Wing.

The nylon 600D padded bag with a carrying handle is specifically designed to fit every mast from 60cm to 100cm, meaning the bag length is easily adjusted with the internal strap. Protect your gear regardless of the size with the Airwave Modular 70 bag. 

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