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30% Carbon Adjustable

30% Carbon Adjustable

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NSP's 30% Carbon hybrid paddles with 86 square in blade surface (555cm²). Available in two configurations, this is the performance package schools, rental centers and people who regularly share their paddle with others.

The parallel edge outline of the blade also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water. “Hybrid” in the title refers to its mix of carbon and fiberglass weave used in the fabrication of the blade and shaft. These blades are perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs and long-distance paddling.

For fixed-shaft, 100% carbon versions of the Speedster click here.


Ergonomic palm handle

    Ergonomically designed for comfort, these handles nest in your palm with increased area and rounded edges, making it comfortable for high-intensity gripping and prolonged amounts of time. They are the easiest to go paddling with and its curved design allows you to rotate your hand throughout your stroke.


    Weighing just 750 grams, the two-piece allround carbon hybrid adjustable 86 offers performance and adjustability at a great price point.

    • Blade Area: 86 square in (555cm²)
    • Shaft length: 170 – 212cm
    • shaft: 29mm
    • Adjustable performance clamp

    Paddlers looking for an even more compact version should look into the three piece version below:

    Weighing 810 grams, this three-piece adjustable paddle offers performance and adjustability at a great price point.

    • Blade Area: 86 square in (555cm²)
    • Shaft length: 170 – 212 cm
    • shaft: 29mm
    • Adjustable performance clamp

    Truly compact, your high-performance paddle is now your favorite travel companion.

    Adjustable performance clamp
    The NSP paddle clamp system has evolved and this new design allows for easy one-handed adjusting. Once closed, the clamp maintains a tight seal, keeping out unwanted water and weight. An inner groove on the shaft mechanically locks its handle in place and aligns it with the blade – no more twisties!

    • UD Carbon stringer
    • Shaft/blade angle 10°
    • HDC CNC-cut Core, minimal use of resin
    • Pre-molded carbon for maximum strength
    • Full ABS rail around the blade edge for durability
    • Laminated with eco-friendly bio-resin


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