Collection: PU Collection

While NSP pioneered the emergence of epoxy surfboards over 20 years ago, we understand the allure and acknowledge the rich history of PU surfboards in surfing. These polyurethane (PU) boards have maintained their popularity due to their lightweight and buoyant nature, offering enhanced maneuverability and proven performance on the waves.

If you're seeking a vibrant and exhilarating surfing experience, where your board is responsive, facilitates speed generation, and enables critical maneuvers, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of PU surfboards. Our collection includes performance shortboards for the more adventurous, fun mid-lengths for a balanced ride and classic logs for those seeking a timeless style.

PU Longboards by NSP

Longboards are where PU construction really shines. With a little extra weight, these boards ride deeper than conventional EPS and allow for classic nose rides and other stylish moves.

What’s more, PU boards with wood stringers handle wind chop better than EPS boards and allow you to keep your board down on the face of the wave.


PU Mid-lengths by NSP

Riders enjoy the extra foam under their feet without feeling like they ride a longboard, and the little extra volume allows you to catch more waves too.

The Speed Line is a Tully design using heritage construction techniques with modern deep gloss color tints, while the Magnet is more of a funboard shape with a single-fin option. Both the Dream Rider and Atomic Flyer are typical Kym Thompson creations with a thick nod to the history of surfboard shaping.


PU Fish designs by NSP

You won't see fish shapes at your local comp, but a good Fish surfboard enables you to develop speed unlike other shapes, thanks to its wider tail.

The Kingfish is a straightforward PU version of the regular NSP Fish, while the Fighting Fish is a more retro-inspired Fish shape by the late Kym Thompson.


PU Shortboards by NSP

Both designed by Carl Schaper, The Slot Machine and Pit Cruiser are hardcore PU boards for epic conditions, contests and surf safaris.

Used by a variety of top-level surfers, these pure thrusters are as high-performance as we make them, at an affordable price and they excel in the most demanding of conditions!