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Performance Touring

Performance Touring

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The combination of volume (317 liters or even 332) with a displacement hull makes this an excellent traveling partner.

For dedicated wildlife explorers or multiple-day creek tours, there is no board better suited than the Performance Touring, as it has the convenience, the durability, and the efficient hull design, all in eco-friendly Cocoflax construction.

– Uniquely designed for stability in all conditions with enough volume to carry extra gear for day trips and overnight camping adventures
– Flattened nose and tail deck areas for gear loading, plenty of insert points for attaching your gear with nose and tail bungee plus FCS inserts for attaching a GoPro or GPS
– The added volume in the nose to support heavy payloads and to ride over chop easily
– Paddlers will appreciate its tracking and superior handling in crosswinds
– The CocoFlax Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race-winning design elements for an exceptional glide with touring-specific features.

Fin included
The NSP CocoFlax Performance Touring comes with the NSP Hatchet 9.0 Race Fin.



CocoFlax Performance Touring size chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
12'6" 32" 8 ³/⁸" 316.8 Liters 14.88kg
14'0" 30" 8 ³/⁸" 332.1 Liters 15.64kg

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