From high-performance shortboards to sustainable longboard shapes, click the links below to find your next surfboard:




With the Longboard Classic in both Protech and Elements being very popular, we also stock noseriders like the NSP Sleep Walker in several technologies.

High-Performance longboarders or longboarders who really like to dig in their rails should look into the NSP Pro-9, or simply explore one of our many other shapes and technologies:

NSP Longboards


From a retro-inspired twinnie to hardcore thruster designs, there is plenty to choose from.

Have a look at the Tinder-D8 in Protech for great value, or learn more about the NSP Pit Cruiser and Slot Machine if you want to up your competition quiver.

NSP shortboards


Order a classic NSP Fish in Protech or Elements, complete with fins in the box, delivered to your door.

The retro-inspired PU fish shapes feature several design elements - the NSP Kingfish has the same outline as the regular NSP Fish, but comes with the full 5-fin cluster. The Double Vision is a classic twinnie, complete with twin keels, while the Fighting Fish is a Kym Thompson shape featuring several of his design accents (tail wings, full nose, etc)

NSP Fish shapes


Strong riders looking for extra volume and stability find the 7'4" or 8'4" of the NSP Double Up perfect for them, fins included right out of the box.

Carl Schaper's Butter Knife is a more performance-oriented mini-tank design, while the NSP Atomic Flyer in PU is a nod to vintage shape elements, with its beveled rails, daimond tail shape and tail wings.

NSP Mid-lengths


NSP Softboards