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Surf Wide P2 Soft

Surf Wide P2 Soft

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 The Surf Wide P2 Soft is the only surfboard designed from the ground up to teach.

With years of continuous improvement and instructor input, this P2 Soft is the perfect fusion of purpose-specific design and construction technology.

Unlike conventional softboards the Surf Wide is a fully-glassed, high-quality hardboard, laminated with soft EVA foam to create the most durable soft board on the market.

Rail: Full
Ideal waves:
  Beginner – Intermediate

Surf Wide P2 Soft size chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
8'2" 22 ¹/¹⁶" 3 ³/¹⁶" 66 L 6.34 kg
9'2" 23  ¹/⁴" 3 ⁷/⁸" 84 L 7.76 kg
10'2" 23" 3 ¹/²" 96 L 8.55 kg

Who's the Surf Wide P2 Soft for

Designed specifically for learner surfers the Surf Wide is the perfect board to gain confidence and to your feet quickly. To make it even more robust we added rubber bumpers nose and tail, for convenience a middle handle to make carrying the board easily as well as soft nose and tail handles for extra control in the waves.

The P2 is the ultimate board to start your surfing journey and shorten the learning curve.

The small-wave learning machine

Rubber bumpers, soft fins and a slick skin HD bottom are durable and make sure any chance of injury is minimized. Because of their size, great floatation, and glide, Longboards can make tiny 1-2 feet days much more fun.

P2 Soft Construction

The Surf Wide is special in the P2 Soft range as it features additional width, handles both for instructors and students themselves. In addition to the handles on top of the board, there is a third grabbing handle on the center line of the bottom to help carry these boards to- and from the sea. 

Fin setup (included)

The Surf Wide P2 Soft comes with a bolt-through set of fins, all equally sized. This setup is called a thruster and helps beginners with directional stability. The fins also bend under pressure - so whether you accidentally hit one underwater or need to them because you want to practise your popups on a solid surface, standing on your funboard - it's all good. These soft nylon thrusters will put up with any abuse you will throw at them.

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